Lighting & Audio

With summer fast approaching, it's a great time to start thinking about how you can improve your outdoor living space to allow you to enjoy those warm summer days.

Working in conjunction with a respected local home automation company, Sutton Garden offer a huge range of options for outdoor audio visual & lighting systems but to give you an idea of audio package costs & a starting point for building the system that's perfect for you we have put together the following packages. 

Perfect as they are or can be customised further to your own needs....



This is a fantastic starter system for a small garden. It allows your choice of music to be streamed through some very high quality speakers.  You can listen to your favourite Spotify playlist, radio station, a huge range of internet streaming services or music on your phone. All controlled from your phone for complete simplicity.

  • Devon Streaming System with built in amp
  • KEF on wall 5" Speakers in Black or White
  • All Relevant Cabling & Standard install


The silver package is ideal for a larger garden or if you would like music in two areas, such as a swiming pool and patio.

The larger 6" driver on the speakers give greater depth of bass and are superb for impromptu garden parties. 

An upgrade on this package would be to swap the Audio control amplifier for an additional streaming system and therefore allow different music and volume in each area.

  • Denton Streaming System
  • Audio Control Rialto 400 Amplifier
  • 2 Pairs of KEF on wall 6" Speakers
  • All Relevant cabling and standard install 


The gold package is ideally installed when doing a large landscaping project.  The very discrete speakers are highly directional towards the listening area and will therefore  not disturb the neighbours when having a party. The buried subwoofer offer fantastic base.  It is also very easy to expand this system with additional speakers around the garden providing an incredible soundscape environment.

  • Devon Streaming System
  • Crown Audio 1000i Amplifier
  • Origin Acoustics AcoustaScape Hidden Speaker System with Separate Woofer
  • All Relevant cabling and standard install