What wall log thickness is most suitable for a home office? 
SGB recommend a minimum thickness of 44 mm for a home office.
Should I insulate my cabin? 
SGB recommend the floor and roof should be insulated. Instructions on how to insulate your cabin can be provided with your order confirmation.
Is the timber treated?
All cabins are delivered with pressure-impregnated foundation beams.The cabins must be treated immediately after construction.
Where can I purchase the finishing stain treatment? 
SGB supplies a range of timber finishing stains in a range of colours. Please contact SGB for further details.
Do I need planning permission for my cabin?
In most cases planning permission is not required if the building is under 30 metres square. Please contact you local Council for further advice.
What is the best way to lay a base for my cabin?
For cabins under 30 metres2 a sharp sand and paving slab base can be used. For larger cabins a concrete base must be used.
What type of wood are the cabins manufactured from?
First class Northern European pine only is used.
Are the floors included in the price of the cabins?
The price of the floor is included with most suppliers, with the exception of Lugarde. Lugarde charge an additional cost for the floor.
Are there a choice of roof shingle colours?
Lugarde offer a choice of green, red, blue, brown and black roof shingles.
How long will it take for my cabin to be delivered?
Lugarde specify 4 to 5 weeks for delivery as standard. Value Range are normally delivered within 10 working days.
How can I place an order?
Please call our experienced sales team on 0121 351 3388
What deposit is required to place an order?
A deposit of 25% is required to place an order. This can be paid by cash, cheque or electronic bank transfer. 
When is the balance required?
Balance is due 7 days prior to delivery.  This can be paid by cash, cheque or electronic bank transfer.
Can I change the doors and windows from the standard package?
Lugarde offer a range of doors and windows which can replace the standard package (please see cabin options for full range).

How easy are the cabins to build?
The cabins are very easy to build they are built like a giant jigsaw. Each cabin comes with assembly instructions. You must be DIY minded though!!!!
What happens if I get stuck when building?
Our technical team are always on hand for advice.
Can SGB arrange to get my cabin built?
We have a team of Expert Fitters who are available to lay the base, insulate and erect your cabin. Please call our sales team for further details.
Are the cabins available double glazed?
A number of cabins are available double glazed please look at additional options on our website.
If there is not a cabin in your range that meets our requirements, do you make bespoke cabins?
Yes, as long as you supply us with a floor plan we can build the cabin to your exact requirements.